10 Best Business Apps

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Apps are no longer just a way of having fun on social media; they have revolutionized how people and businesses operate. Business owners realize how apps can help achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their day to day operations. Even small start-ups are now taking advantage of apps since some of them are free. Developers of the apps, on the other hand, are venturing into research to determine how best to serve the market by understanding peculiar business needs. The result being business solutions developed to suit a broad niche of market segments. If you have a business that is not making use of any of these apps, there is no excuse. You can get most of them for free or for cheap. What is more interesting is that some of them can be customized to match your unique business needs! This article brings you some of the ten best business apps. Read on, be informed, transform your business, and stay afloat!

  1. G-Suite

Do you experience challenges porting files among your work devices? Then this app is designed for you. G Suite banner has useful office apps that will delight you. The app empowers you to use presentations, images, spreadsheets, PDFs as vital support for your documents. Furthermore, it has a messaging service for office teams that also allows users to do video calls and texts. It is a cross-platform app that will enable you to work on your PC or mobile phone. You get 30 GB of cloud storage as a single user with the standard package. When your business expands, you can buy more space. While at it, make use of the google calendar and Gmail. The standard package Is free. It is all under one roof app for your essential office needs. 

  1. TSheets

When it comes to a software solution that offers time-tracking, TSheets is your ideal partner. You can also access it through your mobile phone with ease. It is an efficient way or transiting from manual timesheets at the office and entry of time manually. Just like that, the cumbersome task is gone! The app also takes acre of geographically dispersed workers. You will enjoy using its location tracking that is GPS enabled. Are you worried about ghost workers in the field? There is a solution for you in the app. You can enable the facial recognition feature as you go through the location data of your employees. The app also allows you to generate and share employee schedules. Subscription is $ 25 per month, with $ 5 for an additional user. 

  1. Zoom Cloud Meetings

You now have a way of having online meetings through conference calls, thanks to zoom cloud meetings. You can assemble online up to 200 conference call participants. The meeting convener can easily take you through a document on his device, courtesy of the screen sharing option. The design of the app is versatile and more futuristic. You can enjoy the app for free for small groups with limited time. Its pricing changes with the number of users and the meeting duration. 

  1. Square

Your business can now accept online payments, specifically via credit cards, because of Square. All you have to do is download the app for free and sign up to receive dongle, which is the credit card reader for free. Once dongle has been mailed to you, connect it to your android device, and you have a functional POS system that is portable. Square beats other similar apps because it is user friendly and is charged at a flat rate. The type of card you run doesn’t affect its price. It is a vital app for your business. 

  1. CamScanner

Turn your phone camera into an efficient scanner by downloading and installing the CamScanner app. You can now enjoy scanning office documents like receipts and invoices. The app gives you options to edit the scanned documents and share them in PDF format as per your needs. If your business is engaged in handling a lot of documents, then this app is ideal for you. The standard one is free. 

  1. QuickBooks

Accounting is a critical segment of any thriving business. If your business is still running on manual accounting practices, it is high time you transit to QuickBooks. The app is user-friendly and affordable to many. The app also offers you a free trial period for 30 days, isn’t that great! You get a chance to try it out and decide if it suits your business needs. You become conversant with the product before committing the finances to purchase it. You can navigate through the app to send invoices to customers, track your expenditure, keep copies of receipts, and access information about your customers. Give it a try and transform your accounting function. 

  1. Asana

Asana is an app that you must try. It is more of a to-do list that helps you to assign roles to your team members in the company. Based on your business needs, you can add additional subscribers and assign them tasks. For up to 15 people, you can have it for free and access the basic features. It is ideal for most businesses, size notwithstanding. 

  1. Zoho One

Zoho has a history of developing great business applications. Users can access most of its functions at a flat rate charge. The app allows you to navigate between your mobile phone and computer. It is suitable for social media management, CRM, payroll, and management of inventory, among other functions. 

  1. Google My Business

Having an online presence is key for your business. People can search and locate your business on Google Maps. The app allows you to drive traffic to your business as well. You can update information like the nature of your business, location, and operating time. Potential customers will know what your business is all about and locate you with ease. The app is free. 

  1. Microsoft 365 Business

It shares similarities with the G Suite app. Your business will enjoy functionalities like Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. You can subscribe to cloud storage services and other additional tools. The app is available for use on computers and mobile phones. You can acquire it from $ 5 for each user every month


Technology is changing every day at an unprecedented rate. The survival of any business depends on the pace of adopting new technologies. Developers of the apps are continuously studying business needs and churning out new products. Most of the apps can be accessed for free. Be sure to try them out and propel your business ahead. 

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