10 Best Business Books

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Books are published in their thousands every year, to disseminate knowledge and shape business decisions. Leaders all over the world spend a significant amount of time reading. Business moguls dedicate time to reading. Key business figures listed by Forbes will give you a list of the most influential business books they have read. Where do you draw your inspiration? As the famous phrase goes, Leaders Read and Readers Lead, so should you. Reading books is not only a hobby but a source of critical knowledge and inspiration. They influence your thoughts, shape your decision-making ability, and are a crucial determinant to your success. Business leaders are benefiting immensely by reading books. Strategies are drawn and tried from several books. The character of leaders is shaped by emulating success business stories found in books. If you are not reading, you are missing out. Walk along beaches and other joints of relaxation, a good number of people you will see will have a book in their hands or laps. There is power in reading books. This article brings you ten best business books, be sure to read at least one. 

  1. Reengineering the Corporation

The book was authored by Michael Hammer and James Champy in 1993. The book was dubbed as a manifesto for revolutionizing businesses. It offers insights into how a company should be run by redesigning its processes, the culture of employees, and the organization. Business leaders are advised on how to achieve a quantum leap as opposed to incremental gains in performance. The reengineering is also aimed at saving businesses the colossal amount of money in the long term. The book changes how companies and employees relate through downsizing the workforce, outsourcing some functions, and running other services offshore. Be sure to grab a copy of this one. 

  1. Guerilla Marketing

The book was authored by Jay Conrad Levinson, which was published in 1984. Levinson looks at marketing in a very revolutionary way. Trustworthy advice is doled for businesses that are stagnating, mainly due to financial recession. Marketing tactics of surviving through a harsh business environment are shared in this book. Its twelve chapters are dedicated to how you can position your business for desirable results. Surprisingly, Levinson talked about social media marketing and business applications thirty years before they filled the landscape. Quite visionary! Would you tattoo your business logo on your forehead? Read this book for more. 

  1. The One Minute Manager

Spencer Johnson and Ken Blanchard are the authors of this book. It is a short book with just 112 pages that was first published in 1982. The book highlights that as an effective manager; you need to articulate goals, praise, and reprimand your staff in a minute for each. The actions are brief but have long-lasting results. It eliminates the notion that managing people is a difficult task. Simple rules of how to handle common sense are set out in this book. 

  1. Outliers- The Story of Success

Malcolm Gladwell creatively authored this book that hit the printer in 2008. Factors contributing to excellent business performance are discussed in this book. Malcolm examines how Bill Gates achieved financial greatness, how the Beatles dominated the musical scene, among other success stories. The role of cultural differences in effective decision making and intelligence in the business is keenly examined. Robert Oppenheimer and Christopher Langan, with their exceptional levels of intelligence, are discussed in this book. The two, with their superior intelligent levels, ended up having vast fortunes that are entirely different. Malcolm says that if you want to perfect in any skill, you should spend a minimum of 10,000 hours practicing it. 

  1. The 4 Hour Work Week

Timothy Ferris has a bible for you if you aim at combining work with fun. The book was first published in 2007 with 308 pages. Ferris was an entrepreneur, a writer, and an activist on matters education. The book gives you hints on how to enjoy life more while working less at the same time. It is not about working four hours in a week but directing how you live and work, as opposed to being in a rat race. You should not work for your business; instead, it should work for you. Case studies and useful tips are shared on how to work and fund your desired lifestyle. The book is currently available in more than 40 languages. 

  1. The Art of War

Proudly authored and published in 1988, Sun Tzu doles military expertise critical for business survival. With just 125 pages and thirteen chapters, it is a masterpiece that shares military strategies applied by the Chinese army. Each chapter discusses a warfare aspect with the used tactics. The book remains an influential piece in militaries and businesses across the world by sharing the mind of the army. The tactics are also applied for business success. 

  1. Blue Ocean Strategy

The current marketplace is crowded in competition. But there is a way around it- the blue ocean strategy. The book was authored by professors Han Kim and Rene’e Mauborgne. Instead of focusing on the current crowded market, the book urges business leaders to venture into unchartered waters, unlock new markets, thereby making the competition irrelevant. New markets are equated to the blue ocean.

  1. Good to Great

Authored by James Collins, the book was first published in 2001. The book looks at how some companies achieve greatness while others don’t. Insights are shared on how great leaders confront reality by stating the actual picture and working on it. Whether your company is good, mediocre, or bad, there is something for you in this book. 

  1. Rework

The book was authored by David Hanson and Jason Fried and first published in 2010. The book shares insights on how to succeed in business efficiently. Have you ever considered a plan to be harmful to your company? Are you able to stop relying on outside investors? Do you need meetings and related paperwork? Get a copy of this book to find out more. 

  1. The E-Myth Revisited

The book is authored by Michael Gerber and was first published in 1985. The book looks at the journey of a business from infancy to maturity. Interesting business topics such as money, management, people, and growth are extensively discussed in the book. Insights from the book have turned around thousands of businesses to succeed. 


Gone is the era where information was a privilege of a few, thanks to authors who have shared insights by writing books. It is possible to understand how influential people made it through their penned down thoughts. To be informed is to be empowered. Grab a copy of the best business books and enjoy the read. 

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