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The current job market is shrinking, leaving professionals stranded with their expertise. The job market cannot accommodate everyone to work in an office from eight to five. Universities and colleges are producing professionals faster than the job market avails opportunities. The mismatch has brought about innovative platforms that enable professionals to connect with job opportunities online. It is not a rosy road either, finding the best platform can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Poor work ethic, oppressive remuneration for services rendered, unreliable payment platforms among others bedevil most freelancing websites. The issues end up wasting time and money for professional freelancers. You need to weed out the mediocre freelancing sites from your list and focus on professionally managed ones. The number of freelancers currently in the market is running in millions. Are you passionate and committed to what you do yet lack a place to market yourself? Stick around. This article brings you the top twenty freelancing websites where you can sell your services. 

  1. Fiverr

The website is popular among freelancers as it accommodates almost all professionals. The fees charged to freelancers for jobs won and paid is also minimal. Your personal information is also protected as the website does not share it with third parties. The platform values privacy; hence its communication channels are secure. The platform deploys state of the art security measures. With a small signup fee, you can efficiently market your services on the user-friendly platform. 


The platform links a massive number of buyers and sellers of professional services. You can bid for jobs on this platform from virtually any corner of the world. The opportunities available ranges from marketing, accounting, article writing, software development, and data entry, among others. You can enjoy additional benefits as a freelancer, by taking advantage of pricing plans based on your needs and payable every month. The payments have been made secure using milestones. You can link with your clients in the app as they check the progress of the work. 

  1. Evanto Studio

The platform mainly serves creative talent like designers and developers. If you are an expert in developing apps and general design, this is your ideal freelancing website. You are at liberty to pick a client of your choice, the bottom line being delivery of quality work to the satisfaction of clients. The website has an inbuilt messaging feature that connects you to clients in the course of executing tasks. The feedback mechanism in the platform helps professionals to improve on their service. 

The freelancing website has made it easy to look for projects by professionals. Sign up, market your service with your professional information, and clients browse and enlist your expertise if it matches their expectations. 

  1. Upwork

The website is cloud-based and has the highest number of professionals marketing their services. The platform vets and engages with legitimate employers only. You can sign up for free and enjoy competitive rates on jobs you bid for and win. The platform has a work diary that makes it easy to bill clients. It has secure communication channels like in-app for messaging that keeps professionals and clients connected. Its payments modules are also easy and secure. 

  1. PeoplePerHour

Your qualifications and expertise are your biggest advantage here. Clients connect with professionals here through numerous features on the platform. You can view proposals, message each other, and invoice your client using this platform. The pricing plans are either one-off, per task, or monthly based on your financial ability. 

To ensure quality work and timely payments, clients deposit money with the freelancing website before a task commences. Payment to a professional service provider is only released once the client is satisfied with the quality of work. 


You can find jobs on this platform as a freelancer without much hassle. The platform links skilled freelancers to opportunities across the world. Jobs by clients can be posted from any region under any category. It has a powerful dashboard that enables seamless communication between freelancers and clients. 

The payments are timely and secure. Once a service is rendered to satisfaction, your payment is automatically released. Disputes between freelancers and clients are handled professionally. Furthermore, also rewards freelancers that have a good working relationship with clients, especially if you have return clients. 

  1. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd is a home for freelance designers. More than 600,000 freelancers are currently hosted on this platform. Freelancers post their design proposals making it easy for buyers across the world to see them. Companies are also beneficiaries here as they borrow design concepts from ongoing contests. 

A client posting a design contest is charged $ 79, and freelancers respond with appropriate designs to the contest. Impressive designs are then shortlisted. It is a good platform for marketing your designs and attracting prospective clients through participating in contests. Payment is timely, and the platform supports different currencies for several countries. 

  1. Toptal

The freelancing website connects clients with top talent in the market offered by service providers. The expertise ranges from software development, finance, and design. Fluency in English is a must-have for professionals marketing their services on this platform. It is ideal for professionals who are highly skilled and have solid experience in handling critical projects. 

You get to enjoy a trial period of two weeks as you learn your way around the platform. The website assists you to get accustomed to the work environment. Working on this platform is also an advantage as there is quick recruitment. The company is committed to ensuring that freelancers are linked to opportunities within three weeks. 

  1. Nexxt

Nexxt is a home for seasoned professionals. Job opportunities available are shared on the platform for freelancers to hunt. Interactions between freelancers and clients are greatly enhanced on this platform. You sign up as a freelancer and share your professional background for consideration of opportunities.

It is easy to search for jobs as a freelancer on this platform since they are matched to your qualifications. You are also free to include your logo and contacts as you engage with clients on ongoing assignments. Nexxt has a good work ethic and an improved interaction platform between freelancers and clients. 

  1. TaskRabbit

The platform has made its name by delivering service to clients within the same day. Efficiency in executing assignments is the key here. It is an errand platform for sourcing work like delivering groceries and other chores. Clients describe the job they are offering and indicate when it is due. 

You can easily secure deals on this platform and get paid once the errand is successfully executed. Freelancers sign up on this platform and indicate their job skills. Interaction between clients and freelancers is enhanced to ensure effective results and satisfied clients. 

  1. DesignContest

The freelancing website is a renowned marketplace for professional designers. Organizations and artists create contests here in line with their brands. Regardless of your location, as a freelancer, you can submit your design works here. Buyers will then choose what interests them from the rich pool of submitted designs. 

The site promotes collaboration among designers. Its working environment and is highly ranked among freelance designers. It has a strong reputation because of the screening process designers are subjected to. The platform currently hosts over 160,000 designers. You have a chance to establish a long-term relationship with clients on this platform. Satisfied clients can service from a specific freelancer they worked with. 

  1. WriterAccess

The platform is ideal for linking translators, writers, editors, and content creators. As a freelancer, you post your work samples here for clients to evaluate your writing prowess. The site is renowned for producing beautiful content for organizations. 

Freelancers access useful tools like analytics in their course of work on this platform. Satisfactory work delivered to clients gives you high ratings, which is key to getting hired here. Most of the useful resources for freelancers on this platform is free. 

  1. crowdSPRING

Entrepreneurs and freelancers are connected courtesy of this platform. It is popular with designers for showcasing their talent to entrepreneurs. It boasts of creative talent of more than 200,000, with over 50,000 businesses using their services worldwide. 

Freelancers get access to comprehensive guides to help them acclimatize to the platform. You are free to design for charity while showcasing your great skills. 


It is a free site for hunting opportunities by freelancers. By use of a keyword, you can search for jobs that meet your qualifications courtesy of its search engine that is robust. 

When new opportunities matching your skills are available, the platform sends you a notification. Jobs on this platform are matched to the right skills. What’s more? Your data is safe with this freelancing website. 

  1. Catalant

Freelancers are connected to a wide pool of business owners using this platform. It makes extensive use of artificial intelligence for the betterment of system functionalities and the general work environment. Its talent pool is rich and an ideal place to market your skills as a freelancer. 

Due to its agile operating model, intercommunication and innovation are greatly enhanced. You get to work on diverse projects based on your qualifications as a freelancer. 

  1. Bark

Welcome to the platform that transforms how buyers and sellers in a locality interact. You no longer have to waste time on search engines as a freelancer or a business. The platform has deployed smart technology to match the needs and interests of buyers and sellers. As a freelancer, all you do is state the kind of service you offer, and the platform helps to link you with a buyer. 

The platform is a creative link that has made it easy for freelancers to sell their services. Through its messenger service, you can interact with your clients efficiently. All manner of jobs, services, and buyers are available here. You are also allowed to share contact details with your clients, unlike other freelancing sites that restrict this. 

  1. Gigster

Gagster links developers of apps to businesses in need of that service. Once you sign up on the platform as a freelancer, you get to interact with other highly skilled developers. The platform has a name in developing custom apps for business solutions. Some of the apps from this platform have won awards from Apple Inc. 

Freelancers interact with highly skilled professionals from reputable schools and backgrounds. It provides a good chance for you to hone your skills. Artificial intelligence is also on standby to assist you as you work on a project. 

  1. Designhill

Designhill is an ideal platform where organizations and designers collaborate for mutual benefit. The platform has an array of tools that support freelancer designers to develop impressive designs for the satisfaction of clients. 

The platform exposes freelancers to a lot of job opportunities as clients’ camp here to spot talent. Its packages to freelancers are also attractive, including platinum and standard. It offers freelancers a vast audience to exhibit their expertise in design work. You bid, win jobs, and start working on them. 

  1. 99Designs

The platform provides freelancers skilled in design a flexible way of working. The company has a presence on four continents across the world. It enjoys massive support from the business community. 

As a freelancer, you get to enjoy a variety of resources at your disposal. You can improve your skills using tutorials embedded in the platform. Clients are also guided on how best to interact, work, and relate with freelancers. Affiliates of the platform continue to provide support aimed at improvement. 

  1. Skyword

The platform is an all-inclusive one. It brings together content creators, designers, and other creative professional freelancers. Organizations get to access a pool of experts to execute their campaign tasks. The platform gives freelancers a chance to be creative from scratch to completion with access to an audience. 

More tools are at the disposal of freelancers for creating catchy campaign content and messages. They include keyword optimization, publishing tools, and bird’s-eye, among other tools. Regardless of your country of origin, the platform accommodates you as a skilled freelancer. 


Millions of professionals are now enrolled in different freelancer websites. You can now work from the comfort of your home as you serve clients from many parts of the world. All you need to do is master a skill, get the ideal platform to market your expertise, and attract clients. Invest time and money in reputable freelancer websites that will guarantee you access to work and job satisfaction. Many professionals are making a living through freelancing. 

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