Shipping Containers
37 Degrees upcycle Shipping Containers for a range of businesses and brands

37 Degrees brings together all areas of business, office, professional services, retail and hospitality, it gives opportunity for those with just an idea to see their idea grow into a business.

This engineered mix of business uses allows for cross pollination and a sustainable business model.  Easy entry level options, limited tenant exposure and a small unit, small business small risk offer enables the tenant to perform with minimum investment and controlled overheads.

37 Degrees is not just a development its where business comes together.  Selecting sites within existing retail offerings with an under used car park allocation allows the tenants at 37 Degrees to benefit from the location, accessibility and footfall these sites have created.


37 Degrees has a retail experience perfect for both new and existing brands; the micro retail offer will allow the operator to test a concept before expanding into a more competitive area. It will provide a captive retail market with the cross pollination of other on site business users. 37 Degrees will have a limited number of accelerator pods perfect for low cost entry into the retail sector. Each pod will be fully fitted and will allow proof of concept before any further commitment into a bespoke store. Within our mentor programme we will be able to offer both regional and national retail specialists to give guidance and direction within this sector.



Unlike other office space providers 37 Degrees uses its up cycled containers to provide individual office space with independent access with the ability to expand as the business grows. With the mixed use development allowing on site dining and out of office networking it is the perfect environment to flourish. Our mentoring programme enables our residents to table ideas and gain considered feedback that can be further developed within one of our weekly workshops.



37 Degrees situated within busy car parks and is able to offer a mix of local successful food operators and a platform for new concepts to be tabled with little start-up cost. Some of the world finest restaurants started with a pop up or street food concept, this takes that Idea a little further.


Different Spaces

37 Degrees is a unique offering for unused or surplus car park spaces. With just 30 car park spaces, we can drop in offsite fabricated modular shipping containers complete with walkways, lift, toilet facilities to operate as a standalone mixed use development.

37 Degrees can be anything from a few containers to 20-30 containers offering retail, office and leisure units with state of the art facilities.

37 Degrees has up cycled used shipping containers to be able to create a unique business centre that can offer an affordable solution for both existing and start-up businesses.



37 Degrees gives the ability to grow your brand

37 Degrees bring the best of local, national and global brands together, surrounded by both established and start-up businesses this concept is here to promote commercial unity. 37 Degrees has up cycled used shipping containers to be able to create a unique business hub that can offer an affordable solution for both existing and start-up businesses. Our Mentor programme will offer our guidance and support from concept to expansion, giving direction in all areas of business. 37 Degrees is not just about providing an exciting environment with which to work in, but more about providing the right environment to be successful